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How to Write a Blog

You might be like me, sat behind your screen wondering about a topic to blog about, but only you lack the know-how of blogging. Or you might’ve just wandered into a blog, which to the irony speaks about how to write a blog. Here are the five steps you need to know.

First step: choose a topic. Doesn’t sound hard, right? Oh…but it is. I kid you not. Especially if you’re an indecisive fellow.

Once you’ve done that then all you have to do is research. It’s basically this long dull process in which one would usually head to google and gather information.

Second step: choose a headline for your piece. This is where the fun begins. So be creative, and just appease to the writer within. Go big, go bold!

Third step: get to it! So start exercising those fingers of yours and have at it. Play around with your words and don’t hold back.

Now that you’re done with your piece, you’re down to the fourth step. Here you’re going to throw in a few images, scatter them around for the sake of enhancing your post. You’ll find that by doing so your piece would be enriched with colour, looking livelier and a whole lot more fun to read.

You’re basically adding texture.

Final step: start editing. Avoid repetition. And just make sure you’re happy with it.

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