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Top 8 Eeriest Creatures on Earth

You probably think that you have heard of the most terrifying and vicious animals to have ever lived. Those bestial, brutish atrocious beasts, merciless in cruelty. The one’s our parents warned us from as little kids. The monster that lies under your bed, or perhaps that demon that lingers in the back of your closet, whose voice you hear whilst you cower away under your blanket late at night. Yes, i speak of that swine, Ted Bundy.

But, aside from him and his fiendish likes, there are 8 other creatures you should fear. Although they do not share the wickedness of the ungodly, they would certainly be accounted hideous in appearance.

1. The Cyclops Shark: A shark with two eyes is scary enough, however a shark with one eye is just a frightening atrocity. Plain and simple.

2. The Goliath Tigerfish: If you google it and zoom in on its facial region you’ll understand why this creature made it on the list. It’s pretty much self-explanatory.

3. The Cthulhu Larva: It is virtually impossible to pronounce the name of this plump, cuddly creature, hence its appearance on the list. Truly an accomplishment on its own.

4. The Naked Mole-Rat: It’s an unsightly animal, of which image is, simply and blatantly, unkind to the mortal eye.

5. The Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko: The fact that its first name is ‘Satanic’, suggests the scope of its satanism.

6. The Lesula: A creature whose face shares uncanny resemblance to that of a human being. That is as eerie as it gets.

7. The Honeypot Ant: I’m just not sure as to why an ant should be roaming around with a bulbous backside, in which honey is stored. It is just absolutely deviant.

8. The Wolf Eel: Honestly, there is nothing scary nor ‘eerie’ about it other than for the way it looks. Even that’s not scary.

So you see, indeed “Hell is empty and all the devils are here”-William Shakespeare

Happy Halloween!

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